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Add repo p5-Renard-Boteh, p5-Renard-Boteh-Debugger
Fix name of link
Add p5-Alien-LinkGrammar repo
Link to other development docs
Add repo p5-Renard-Incunabula-Flashcard
List subpages
Add flashcard page
Update plantuml plugin
Update plantuml plugin: update plantuml.jar version
Add tasks
Add ER diagram for flashcards
Add ER diagram PlantUML template
Add medical terminologies
Add matrix notes for p5-Renard-Jacquard
creating index page blog/posts/2018
creating index page blog/posts/2018/01/08/gfx
creating index page blog/posts/2018/01/08
creating tag page tag/software-type/bibliography-parser
creating index page blog/posts/2018/01
Travis CI: Add dvipng dependency for teximg plugin
Test teximg
Enable teximg plugin
Update repos
Add p5-Alien-k2pdfopt
Add Jacquard architecture notes
Add CHM file format
Update repos
Add info about gene nomenclature
Add repo p5-Renard-Taffeta
Update blog/posts/2018/01/08/curie-release-v0.004.mdwn
Add blog post for Curie v0.004
Add MetaCPAN search link
Reorder scene-graph related modules topologically
Add note about MinGW patches
Remove link to releases
Use tag shield for GitHub releases link
Add commits since last release
p5-Renard-Yarn is a library
Add repos
- p5-Renard-Incunabula-Document
- p5-Renard-Incunabula-Format-Cairo
Fix links
Add bibliography parser pages
Update repo list
Add contributing info
Add ::GooCanvas2 to list of repos
Remove list of already released Alien::* dists
Change syntax to txt since yaml not available on Travis CI
Switch rubykat-ikiplugins submodule to patched version