• Create a table of Evince and Okular menus on the wiki
  • Write GUI tests using mock document and xvfb project-renard/curie/issues/35 (PR at project-renard/curie/pull/41 )


  • Show number of pages project-renard/curie/issues/21 (PR at project-renard/curie/pull/43 ).
GUI showing the label with the number of pages in a PDF document

and the corresponding unit tests (issue: project-renard/curie/issues/45 , PR: project-renard/curie/pull/51 )


  • Deactivate navigation buttons at start and end of document project-renard/curie/issues/22 (PR at project-renard/curie/pull/37 ).
Disable navigation buttons on first page
Disable navigation buttons on last page


  • Refactor Chirag's pull request (issue at project-renard/curie/issues/38 and PR at project-renard/curie/pull/39 ).

  • Check for errors using Perl::Critic and Test::Spelling. This can be used to check for irregular whitespace and spelling errors among other things (issue at project-renard/curie/issues/46 and PR at project-renard/curie/pull/47 )

Travis-CI: Shows whitespace and code stricture failures
Travis-CI: Fix the stricture failures, but whitespace failures remain
Travis-CI: Shows documentation spelling failure
Travis-CI: Shows all tests (Perl::Critic and POD spelling) now passing
  • Add a compatibility layer for GtkScrolledWindow when using a Gtk+ version less v3.8 (issue at project-renard/curie/issues/42 and PR at project-renard/curie/pull/48 )