Review the current one

Zaki: Menu works on branch : project-renard/curie/pull/89

Chirag: Continuing work on the keybindings: project-renard/curie/pull/52

Stan: Status bar: move to another milestone: project-renard/curie/pull/53

Next steps

Stan: Drag and drop project-renard/curie/issues/19

Chirag: documentation project-renard/curie/pull/98

Zaki: Split out general code from the menu PR : project-renard/curie/pull/89

Stan: GTK icon and color theming: project-renard/curie/issues/32


Vagrant on Travis-CI

Newer GTK+


Adding support for Mac

Chirag: tried to run on Mac natively (with XQuartz for the display and homebrew to install), but keybindings did not work. Will address with the keybindings pull request.


Windows installer