Work on the next release of Curie is continuing. This report covers what has been completed and the tasks that still remain before it can be released:

Tasks completed

  • Feature: Added a menu for choosing the zoom level for the current document ( project-renard/curie/issues/14 , project-renard/curie/pull/161 ). This is available in Renard::Curie v0.001_01.

  • Feature: Using the --version command line argument prints out the version number so that it is possible to check that Curie is installed properly without running the full GUI. This is available in Renard::Curie v0.001_01 ( project-renard/curie/issues/157 , project-renard/curie/pull/159 ).

  • Build: Using the homebrew-sqitch tap as a template, a tap for installing a Curie and its dependencies was created at homebrew-project-renard.

    To use it, you must run

    $ brew tap project-renard/project-renard
    # installs the latest stable release of curie:
    $ brew install curie

    Or if you would like to get the latest changes:

    # installs curie from the master branch
    $ brew install curie --HEAD

    ( project-renard/homebrew-project-renard/issues/1 , project-renard/homebrew-project-renard/pull/2 , project-renard/homebrew-project-renard/issues/3 , project-renard/homebrew-project-renard/pull/4 , project-renard/homebrew-project-renard/issues/5 , project-renard/homebrew-project-renard/issues/6 , project-renard/homebrew-project-renard/issues/7 , project-renard/homebrew-project-renard/pull/8 , project-renard/homebrew-project-renard/pull/10 )

  • Build: Remove extra Homebrew dependencies so that the Travis-CI build does not install anything that isn't needed ( project-renard/curie/pull/162 ).

  • Fix: Only use the monospace property on newer versions of Gtk+ since it does not exist on Gtk+ < v3.16 ( project-renard/curie/pull/163 ).

  • Fix: Fix the Alien::MuPDF tests so that MuPDF v1.10 can be installed. This is available in Alien::MuPDF v0.007 ( project-renard/p5-Alien-MuPDF/issues/22 , project-renard/p5-Alien-MuPDF/pull/23 ).

  • Fix: The release of MuPDF v1.10 changed the format of the PDF outline output for the mutool utility. Curie needed to updated to take this change into account ( project-renard/curie/issues/172 , project-renard/curie/pull/173 ).

  • Feature: Add a flag --short-version that only prints out the version of Curie. This is so that it is easy for other tools to get the installed version without having to parse it out ( project-renard/curie/issues/174 , project-renard/curie/pull/175 ).

Tasks in progress

  • Feature: The user should be able to drag-and drop files onto the Curie workspace in order to open them ( project-renard/curie/issues/19 , project-renard/curie/pull/170 ).

  • Feature: The user should be able to set the zoom level for the current document by using Ctrl+Scrollwheel:

    • Ctrl+Scroll Up should zoom in
    • Ctrl+Scroll Down should zoom out

    ( project-renard/curie/issues/15 , project-renard/curie/pull/171 ).

  • Build: The user should be able to install on macOS by opening a .dmg file and dragging the into the Applications folder ( project-renard/release/issues/6 , project-renard/curie/issues/102 ).

Tasks remaining

  • Build: Place the Gtk+ icons and theme in the appropriate folders for the build so that they can be used by Curie ( project-renard/curie/issues/32 ).

  • Feature: Switch to using a native FileChooserDialog so that the interface is consistent on all platforms ( project-renard/curie/issues/166 ).