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Release Curie v0.002

The release of Curie v0.002 is coming up (Waffle board, Waffle burndown). The following is a summary of what needs to be done to finish up this release as a continuation of the previous meeting log.

Tasks in progress

  • Feature: The user should be able to drag-and drop files onto the Curie workspace in order to open them ( project-renard/curie/issues/19 , project-renard/curie/pull/170 ).

Tasks remaining

Release Curie v0.003

The Curie v0.003 milestone's tasks will be finished by Zaki since it requires a number of refactoring steps that need to be done in one go.

Tasks in progress

  • Refactoring Add method to check for valid pages: project-renard/curie/issues/179 , project-renard/curie/pull/195 . This simplifies the code for jumping to a page using the text input.

  • Bug Zooming causes two calls to draw callback which makes the page translate as the drawing area widget is resized: project-renard/curie/issues/197 . This will be fixed wit the refactoring of page views task since it separates the page layout (and subsequent widget resizing) from the drawing of the pages to the drawing area.

  • Feature Add opened documents to the Gtk3::RecentManager: project-renard/curie/issues/192 , project-renard/curie/pull/193 . Whenever a file is opened, it needs to be added to the recent manager so that a log is kept of when it was last opened.

  • Refactoring Refactor the page views: project-renard/curie/issues/150 , project-renard/curie/pull/194 . Some discussion of the design is available at interaction.

Tasks remaining

  • Feature Handle exceptions in the Glib main loop: project-renard/curie/issues/180 . Instead of skipping the exceptions that are thrown, they need to be displayed to the user. The first attempt at this could be by using a popup message box.

  • Feature Dual page display: project-renard/curie/issues/94 . This displays two pages side-by-side. Once the refactoring part is done, this will be simple to implement. The main change will be setting up the option in the menu-bar.

  • Refactoring Split out PDF data model to separate package: project-renard/curie/issues/26 . This is more of a release engineering task since it will require pulling modules from multiple repositories. The proposal on how to do this will be described in that section.

Release Curie v0.004

The tasks of the Curie v0.004 milestone will be completed in parallel with the Curie v0.003 milestone.

Tasks remaining

  • GUI shell changes

    • Feature Presentation mode project-renard/curie/issues/36 .
    • Feature macOS: Ensure that the application menu is at the top bar project-renard/curie/issues/160 .
    • Gather feedback on GUI project-renard/curie/issues/123 .
  • PDF metadata

    • Feature Add a widget/dialog to show PDF metadata project-renard/curie/issues/13 . A quick-and-dirty approach is to run mutool show $PDF $(mutool show $PDF grep | grep Author | cut -d: -f2) and we might also want to replicate all the info in pdfinfo $PDF.
  • PDF text data
    • Feature Display text data of PDF as plain text project-renard/curie/issues/17 . This can be accomplised by using mutool draw -F text.
    • Feature Use ParsCit on the plain text: project-renard/curie/issues/76 . This will require creating Alien::ParsCit to install the ParsCit tool.
  • PDF HTML data

    • PDF hyperlinks project-renard/curie/issues/79 . An example of how to do this is to run the file page-links.js using mutool run. To get the correct ouput requires this patch.
    • Display text data of PDF as HTML project-renard/curie/issues/18 . This can be accomplised by using mutool draw -F html.
  • Tasks that require Curie v0.003 milestone completion

    • Feature Rotate page: project-renard/curie/issues/16

    • Feature Outline should handle PDF page coordinates: project-renard/curie/issues/149


Tasks done

  • Refactoring Alien::MuPDF has been switched over to using alienfile: project-renard/p5-Alien-MuPDF/issues/31 , project-renard/p5-Alien-MuPDF/pull/34 . Testing in Alien::MuPDF v0.007_02.

  • Bug Alien::MuPDF FreeBSD specific patch is removed since mupdf-1.11 removed the effected file: project-renard/p5-Alien-MuPDF/issues/32 , project-renard/p5-Alien-MuPDF/pull/33

    Testing in Alien::MuPDF v0.007_01.

  • Feature Compile MuPDF so that it can be linked into a shared library (e.g., with XS) by setting XCFLAGS=-fPIC. project-renard/p5-Alien-MuPDF/issues/24 , project-renard/p5-Alien-MuPDF/pull/25

    Testing in Alien::MuPDF v0.007_01.

Tasks in progress

  • Feature Start of MuPDF bindings using Inline::C: project-renard/p5-Renard-Incunabula-MuPDF-Inline/pull/2 .

Release engineering

Tasks done

  • Bug Fix issue with Devel::Cover and Type::Tiny by switching the constant deparsing that Devel::Cover uses to B::Deparse. See commit and discussion at pjcj/Devel--Cover/issues/164 .

Tasks remaining

  • Custom theme should be included in the release: see notes at project-renard/curie/issues/32 .

  • Simplify the CI installation and release building by converting from shell-scripts to Perl. A proposal on how this should be organised will come later.